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We are a young and motivated (and steadily greying) agglomeration of people who desire to practice good architecture. In the process we aspire slowly to make a mark amongst the well established firms in the profession. But, NO, it‟s not a rat race for us!! We stop to pause and ponder along the way and our work and growing clientele resonates with the dedication and the exposure that each project brings to our brand.


We believe that all design spheres are interwoven and work in tandem to create a masterpiece. Having said that, we try and focus on the synergy of architecture, the built and unbuiltenvironment and try to keep the bigger picture in our mind always. A thorough training in Urban Design makes it impossible for us to negate the macro scale in which our miniscule elements thrive. We dwell in many a world of Design including creative arts, sculpture , pottery and photography but our forte‟ remain environments for learning and nurturing ( Institutional ) living environs (housing ) work and business spaces ( commercial) and large spatial networks of all the functional and natural Juxtapositions (master planning/ site planning). In between we like to throw in the human dimension…a people‟s perspective of how often non deliberate spaces best work! We like to create designs on that maximize the positive impact of design on the environment use appropriate technologies & materials and sources labor locally. We welcome new ideas and critique to roll on sans moss! For every design may not be at face value and may have a story… to someone who is interested, we may like to open the book and divulge the context of the thought process and the „infamous‟ constraints, that led to the finale. Founded and led by AMIT BHARDWAJ , the firm has evolved as a multidisciplinary practice with a rapidly growing market with innovation and out of the box future-forward designs. Design Box team has experience across a wide range of sectors including retail, commercial, leisure, residential, education and health.


We believe that quality of our surroundings, their design and construction, deeply Influence the way we work, relax and live. Well-designed spaces add value to our daily experience in innumerable and immeasurable ways. Buildings affect more than one generation of users,thesite and the environment. We bear the above with a sense of responsibility. It also inspires our designs. We understand that development of any project is entrepreneurial in its essence, many are lifetime investments. We strongly believe that a project will be successful only if value is added at both the commercial and design levels.


Client Relationship:
A positive client relationship is the first step of our approach to a successful project. We aim to work closely with our clients to understand their unique aspirations, functional requirements and commercial obligations.

Design, Construction & Costs:
Our work is based on sound knowledge and creative imagination. We work with the same level of enthusiasm, committmentand care on small scale extensions, renovations as we do on large-scale new build. Whenever necessary we question conventional solutions. We analyse& test solutions through extensive 3-dimensional computer modelling. This allows our clients, end-users and design team to better understand the building before it is constructed. It also aids us in detailing our buildings/interiors such that they can be built efficiently and finished to the highest standards within given budget.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability:
We are well-informed of the current advances in energy efficiency and sustainability. The basis of our approach is to understand the science behind the new environment friendly technologies, and the time tested techniques. We are then able to advice our clients on integrating the most appropriate solutions into the scheme.

We believe that a well-managed flow of information is key to the successful execution of a project. To achieve this we use rigorously tested management processes and up-to-date IT systems. This assists the entire project team in focusing on the end product, not the process.

We conduct business to the high professional standards set by Council of Architecture .


BHARDWAJ DESIGNS are a team of enthusiastic, talented, ARCHITECTS, and experienced INTERIOR DESIGNERS. The firm is running its own consultancy office in the field of architecture and construction work under the name and style “BHARDWAJ DESIGNS”. The firm is actively involved in the first phase of the project the threshing of IDEAS and the development of a sound CONCEPTUAL basis for the project.